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Lu Rocker and her family's 4-year-old silver lab, Storm.

In college football, a support system is everything. Whether it is a coaching staff, teammates or family, football requires collaboration and encouragement. A support system is exactly what Lalitha ‘Lu’ Rocker is working to provide for not only her family at home, but her family of coaches’ wives as well.

“When you move to different places, you rely on the wives when you first get there,” Lu said to Heart For The Game. Married to Coach Tracy Rocker, associate head coach and defensive line coach at the University of Georgia, Lu explained how difficult transitioning between new and old homes can be.

Now, going into her second year as a UGA wife, Lu is looking to redefine what it means to support one and other. Alongside Katharyn Richt, wife of Head Coach Mark Richt, Lu created “Wives Holding It Down” or “WHID”, an initiative to draw coaches’ wives closer together.

WHID functions through once a month meetings. All UGA coaches’ wives are invited to come for entertainment, and also educational, spiritual, and community engagement. A typical meeting begins with 45 minutes of entertainment, and then follows with a dinner or lunch to share thoughts and feelings among each other. Planned events will include anything from makeup tutorials, to interior decorating and repurposing lessons, and even a session on how to make the healthiest and efficient grocery shopping choices.

Each session is meant to empower wives individually, and also allow for time to share personal experiences or events, so the wives are able to interconnect.

“[Wives] can say as much as they want or as little,” Lu said. “It’s a group where we know that we have each other’s back.”

The program kicked off with it’s first event on February 18, a luncheon supporting a local food bank where Lu routinely volunteers every Wednesday, creating over 1,800 bagged lunches for underprivileged children to have on the weekends.

“The turnout was great,” Lu proudly told HFTG. “It was sold out!”

Ultimately, Lu is hoping that the collaborate efforts of UGA wives will inspire more football families to engage in similar activities.

“Wouldn’t it be neat if we could establish an association or something, and just do this, to let everyone know that whether if you get hired or fire, you always have a place to go or join,” she said.

Lu continues to impact the wives of the University of Georgia, and also to spread a message of love and support to wives at other schools. Wives Holding It Down works to empower wives in all aspects of life, aside from college football.

“We are already women who have to be strong in faith and we’re usually holding it down for others,” Lu explained. “But I look forward to that time once a month, when I get to get dressed up and go hang out with the girls.”



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