The Life Of A Domestic Engineer

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Toya Nix, wife of Middle Tennessee State Co-Defensive Coordinator, Tyrone Nix, shares how college football molded her into a “domestic engineer”.

After meeting in English class at Southern Mississippi University, the sweethearts dated throughout college and later on tied the knot.

But it wasn’t just marriage that bonded the two, however, their passion for football and the team has kept them going despite major life changes.

“Moving is the biggest change…but we’re used to it,” Toya says.

Moving means figuring out where to live, and deciding where the kids will finish the school year. Although it may be tough, “It’s important to get them [their kids] into activities…that way they can meet friends and once the kids are happy, it always makes our lives much easier,” she says.

After football life taught her to be more flexible, Toya explained that her work for her family requires a lot, both inside and outside of the home. This has led her to refer to herself as a domestic engineer.

“Basically anything that is demanded of me, I take care of,” Toya says.

Demands created from different areas of family and football during the hustle and bustle of the season. While trying not to miss anything close by, the Nix family traditionally loads up and drives to attend nearby games. Toya explains how being right there in the action is, “just a part of us.”

But the fun does not end there, Toya says she also looks forward to the ‘wives trip,’ a game designated only for the wives to attend, while their kids stay at home.

Toya also shares how Coach Nix’s passion for coaching has allowed him to work with the players as individuals.

“With everyone’s different personality, you have to figure out the best way to get the best out of each player, and that’s what I like about him,” she says.

Tyrone and Toya share a genuine relationship filled with love and strong support for each other, family, and Middle Tennessee State football. They celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in December and are still going strong!



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