UF’s Zetas Game Day Fashion Shows Gator Pride

UF Zetas

Hayley Zagacki (left), Julianne Lewis and Allie Boyd (right) all laugh together on game day.

UF Zetas 6

Zetas Aubrey Stevenson, Kalie Reynolds and Rachel Hart do the Gator chomp.

UF Zetas 3

Jessie Greathouse and Abby Meckley flash their Zeta symbol at the Ben Hill Griffin stadium on game day.

UF Zetas 1

Zetas Taylor Sofranko (left) and Samantha Zerbe (right) pose together for pictures before a game.

UF Zetas 4

Kalie Reynolds, a 19-year-old nursing major, crowns with her sorority sister Eleanor Samuels.

UF Zetas 2

Zeta Joette Amundaray, Nikki Cardoso and Allie Mangan join together for a picture outside of their sorority house.

For the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at the University of Florida, game days are the ultimate chance for members to further solidify bonds with their sisters. The girls said their game day rituals include getting ready together in the house, sharing outfits and taking fun pictures before heading to the stadium.

Meagan Lewis, a 20-year-old finance major, said Zetas’ game day rituals are always a lot of fun.

“We’re always borrowing each other’s clothes,” Meagan told Heart for the Game. “And we always take a bunch of pictures in front of our house — crowning pictures and everything. It’s like pictures galore for quite a while.”

Describing their game day style as eclectic, she said games are a chance for girls to dress in ways that express their personal style.

“A lot of girls wear maxi skirts, cropped tops, high waisted pants and kimonos — just, like, pretty much anything that’s super trendy,” she said. “Really eclectic pieces that are transforming game day style.”

The sisters also don a pin with their sorority letters, which distinguishes them on game days as well.

Carla Prophete, a 19-year-old nursing major, said getting ready together on game days is great because she and her sisters like to give each other tips on what looks good.

“It’s always good to have everyone in the house to tell you, ‘Oh this will be really cute with that,’ or ‘this would be awesome with this,’ or ‘I have shoes that will go perfect with that,’” she said. “So I think that’s a really great aspect of it.”

Meagan said a memorable game day experience was her first “Greek life” game day when she was a sophomore, and she really bonded with her Big.

“We had our first tailgate together and rode over together,” Meagan said. “She helped me pick out my outfit. It was really fun.”

“Game days are really fun for new members because the older girls take you under their wing during game days and introduce you to their friends in that fraternity and they’ll help you with what to wear, show you around and show you the ropes.”

Kalie Reynolds, a 20-year-old nursing major, said she hasn’t missed a home game since her Freshman year at UF.

“I feel like it’s such a bond with the university as a whole, watching the whole school come to together to support one team,” she said. “That’s what I love about game day, [is] the whole atmosphere,” she said.



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