Three Things You May Not Know About Ali Napier

Ali Napier - Large

Heart For The Game loved hearing about three things no one knows about Ali Napier, including her passion for the theater.  Even her husband, Wide Receivers Coach, Billy Napier, University of Alabama hasn’t seen her “on stage!”

Three things nobody knows about Ali Napier:

1.  “I love and did a lot of musical theater growing up. No one knows that I love the theater and I love to perform. My own husband has not seen me perform on stage.”

2.  “I love old black and white movies, Turner Classic Movies. My husband has never heard of my old favorites. All of my favorite actors lived in the past. Some may like Brad Pitt but I like Cary Grant. I look forward at Christmas to watching such movies as, The Bishop’s Wife or Christmas in Connecticut”  My husband has never heard of these. My family watched all the old black and white movies and I love them!

3.  “You may not know I also have an identical twin who lives in Charlotte.”

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