Barbie Ekeler’s Advice to Coaches’ Wives

Ekeler Family Georgia Game 616x425

Coach Mike Ekeler with his family at a University of Georgia game.

When Barbie Ekeler thinks about the important things in life, not only does she think about football, but also time.

“One thing I always tell to my husband is, especially in college [football], you don’t have a lot of time with family,” said the wife of Coach Mike Ekeler, inside linebackers coach at the University of Georgia.

“Very little time is spent [together], and I always tell Mike, it’s not the quantity of time, it’s the quality of time you get.”

The mother of four values every moment spent as a family. Although football is a major part of her family’s life, she explained that not allowing it to dominate her priorities is the key to balance at home.

Along with prioritizing time, Barbie’s list of advice to college football wives continues with great tips when moving and transitioning between teams.

“I try to line up as much on this end, like schools and doctors, before the move,” Barbie said. “There’s always someone on a staff that can help. Just have fun; it’s a new adventure!”

Ultimately, Barbie’s greatest personal success has come from prayer.

“Before any move comes up I pray a lot and ask that God set things up for us,” she said.  “I’ve never been let down.”

Whether it is time, planning or prayer, Barbie’s advice applies not only to coaches’ wives, but all people. HFTG has learned from Barbie the importance of all moments, big or small, and the quality of life!


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