On The Road Again…

Karen McElwain - Large, Karen & Kids

When an average person thinks about moving around more than 5 times, it’s almost unfathomable.  For a coach and his family, though, this is normal life.  Within the college coaching realm, it’s uncommon to stay in a place as long as Frank Beamer has been with Virginia Tech (28 years), or Bob Stoops with Oklahoma State (17 years).  Moving is a way of life and if there are children involved, this can make for difficult transitions.

Karen McElwain, wife of Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain, talked about the move from Colorado State to her husband’s new position at Florida.

“I said it was going to be a piece of cake, because it’s only Jim and I and our little yorkie poo. In our prior transitions, it was hard with children.”

As difficult as it was with kids, it was much harder to leave this time.  The kids served as a distraction in prior moves.  Now that Karen only had to worry about herself, it made the move sadder.  She doesn’t see it as the end for her friendships she made out in Colorado though.  She compares her friends to flowers that she plucks and keeps with her.

“I hated leaving the people I met, but I don’t feel like I am leaving them behind.  I am picking them for my bouquet to keep with me.”

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