Navy’s Sharon Green Congratulates HFTG!

Sharon Green, Navy, Large, Family

Sharon Green from the United States Naval Academy knows what it is like to be surrounded by a great team, Navy!  It is a much bigger community than the academy itself.  She thanks HFTG for recognizing the importance of supporting our team, the coaching community.

“First I would like to say congratulations on your Heart For The Game website.  I have tried some of the recipes, enjoyed them all and have also read about the latest fashion trends but what I especially enjoy is the coaches’ wives interviews.  I recently read one from Connie Burns, from Alabama and smiled, thinking back to Southern University in 1981 when our husbands were just starting out.  It sure doesn’t feel like 30 years have passed.  It was great to hear about what she is doing and about her family’s successes and it allowed me to stay connected.  A lot of us have been together at different places and we do not always have the opportunity to stay closely in touch. I also thought she shared wonderful advice for younger coach’s wives, she talked about the importance of being independent and keeping your own identity. It was spot on.  Heart For The Game helps us stay connected within the coaching community, so congratulations; you guys are doing a great job!”


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