Longhorn Cheer Uniforms Through The Years


The 1955 cheer squad wore long skirts, long-sleeved shirts and blouses.


By 1961, the women had tops to match the men…


…but despite Diane Lander’s exuberance in this photo, the look was still quite formal.


By 1971, the skirts had gotten shorter…


… and the hair had gotten longer.


Karla Kelson shows off the new fringed tops in 1971.


The 1977 cheer squad poses outside the north stadium entrance.


By 1981 the football cheer uniforms had lost the fringe.


The 1987 basketball squad poses with Hook ‘Em.


By 1997 the different Spirit squads had distinct uniforms.


In 2001 the fringed blouses made a reappearance.


The all-girl White squad performs in white sleeveless tops and burnt orange skirts.


The men on the Orange squad wear short-sleeved fringed tops and white trousers.


The 2014 Pom squad, decked out in their white vests and full-length chaps.

During football games at the University of Texas, there is a lot of action to watch on the field. But if the game action ever gets boring or the Longhorns are losing, you can always turn to the sidelines where the Texas spirit squads can offer you alternative entertainment.

The current Texas spirit program is broken up into three different squads: Orange (co-ed), Pom (all-girl), and White (all-girl). The teams appear in various combinations at different athletic events to promote Texas spirit and Texas athletics; for example, all three squads perform chants, dances, and cheer at football games, while the Orange and Pom squads are tasked with whipping up the crowd at basketball games and tournaments.

The White squad performs mostly at Texas women’s sporting events — home soccer games, home volleyball games, and home women’s basketball games — in addition to football games. The White squad also travels to volleyball and Women’s basketball tournaments. All three Longhorn Spirit squads can also be seen performing at other events put on by the athletic department.

The Orange and White squads wear fairly standard modern-style uniforms, but the Pom squad performs in cowgirl outfits complete with full-length chaps. Of course, burnt orange and white are the colors of choice for all uniforms.

Cheerleaders in various arrangements have been supporting Texas sports since the early 1950s and their uniforms have evolved over that time, from long skirts and jackets in the 1950s and early 60s, through the funky bell-bottoms of the 1970s and right on through to the modern short skirts and spandex. Click on the photo gallery above to see how fashion on the Longhorn sidelines have changed, and share your own cheer stories in the comments below!



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