Life’s Special Moments

Angela Helton Family Reid football large

Clay and Angela Helton and the family cheering on their eldest son, Reid, at his football game.

Angela Helton is gracious and views life with a positive perspective no matter what. Angela is the wife of Clay Helton at USC. She treasures the little things in life, and finds happiness in the fleeting special moments.

Just recently, Angela’s 17-year-old son, Reid was in the CIF championship game for his conference. Reid plays on the special teams and Defensive Line. Coach Helton was supposed to be at another championship game for recruiting purposes.

USC’s Head Coach Sarkisian said, “You will be at your son’s game.” Reid’s team won the championship, and his dad got to be there. Angela told us, “We went on the field, and Clay and my son hugged. It was a magical moment. We were all thinking, you got to be here for this!” Angela went on to add of the meaningful moment, “Forever in my, Clay’s, and my son’s memories.”

Angela knows how to appreciate the small things and make the best out of any situation. She also mentions that at the bowl games, “My favorites are the moments that happen when you don’t notice, and like everyone is playing Ping-Pong.”

She added, “One time all the kids played elevator tag. We all just watched and laughed. All being together… it is so special.” The appreciation and positive attitude that Angela carries is contagious on those around her. She makes people appreciate what they have.

Angela makes a book for her husband every year for Christmas. She includes all the special memories from the year. Angela said, “Whenever we do something, it is very special.” Last year’s book got to include the bowl game (Las Vegas Bowl) Coach Helton won as the Interim Head Coach.

This year Coach Helton will be specializing in his Quarterbacks, and managing his Offense when the Trojans play against Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. The game will take place December 27th in San Diego, California.

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