Jill Baxter Loves Her Work

Jill Baxter Family Large

She runs two business and is one of the 50 current women who is a NFL agent (which was the number as of April). And she loves every minute of it.

Jill Baxter, in short, loves her work.

You might think being a NFL agent is hard. Jill Baxter wants you to know it is not. “There’s nothing really hard about it. It’s just getting clients. So I got my first client when I was in my third year in Law School in 1988, which is a long time ago.”

Since then, it has all been about relationships. “I’ve gotten a lot of referrals and, you know, that’s really—when you have clients you lead them to the best places for them to go, depending on what the client does.”

Jill loves her clients. “I think they’re just like my kids.”

Jill is married to John Baxter, the Special Teams Coordinator at the University of Michigan. Together, due to John’s job, they have moved five times, mostly all on the West Coast.

Like most Mr. and Mrs. Coaches, they keep in touch with their former players.  Several players “come and visit us at different places. And yeah, John and I are very close with different players.

You may be wondering who Jill’s idols were growing up. What inspired a work ethic like this, running two different businesses, obtaining a law degree, and becoming a certified NFL agent?

“Who were my idols? I don’t know that I necessarily—I don’t know. I’m not one of those people who focused on idols to be honest.”


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