Jennifer Holtz’s Favorite Game Day Bracelet

Jennifer Holtz Bracelet Large

What is your go-to game day attire? For Jennifer Holtz, it is one unique statement piece that brings together her outfit. Every time the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs hit the field Jennifer makes sure she’s sporting her favorite bracelet, a custom made bangle by one of her dear friends in Tampa.

“It’s so beautiful that I can’t give it credit enough,” Jennifer said describing the jewelry. Designed specifically to rep the Holtz’s team, the wooden bangle dons red, white and blue colors with crystals. The gift was so special to Jennifer that she decided she needed to share it with the other coaches’ wives and had one made for each of them.

“It’s my gift to all the wives whether we have a change in coaching staff or not,” Jennifer explained. “It’s not superstitious, but its one of those little things I give to my wives and we all wear with whatever color appropriate wardrobe we wear on game day.”

What happens when Jennifer takes off from her duties as a coach’s wife to support her son, a player for the University of Texas’s football team? She has a bangle for that too! Jennifer has spread the word to wives, moms and football friends across the nation who have had the bangle custom made for their team as well.

No matter the team, you can always find Jennifer Holtz sporting her favorite bangle on a game day!

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