2014-2015 Campus Ambassadors

Heart For The Game thanks the Campus Ambassadors for their participation in the program!

Summer 2015


Steven Isaacs HeadshotIn many ways, Heart for the Game allowed me to consider alternatives to things which I assumed were concrete. I am currently lucky enough to be a part of the incredible team there, and the lessons I learned—both tangible and intangible—will stay with me forever.”

-Steven Isaacs, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Summer 2015

Spring 2015


Diego ContrerasDiego is a senior journalism student at the University of Texas graduating in Spring of 2015. He is from the Texas Panhandle and believes the attention and appreciation to detail one must have while living in the high plains has shaped him as a writer. He has a passion for politics and sports, and hopes to have a career in creative writing outlets. “Heart for the game has been an awesome opportunity. The staff is a pleasure to work for and they are extremely open to any creative input. The site and team fills a great niche in the sports journalism world and does it very well.”

-Diego Contreras, Reporting Campus Ambassador Spring 2015

Breana Intlekofer Avatar“As a second-year print journalism major at The University of South Carolina, my internship with Heart for the Game has allowed me to learn a lot more about what it means to be a serious journalist. Not only have I learned so much from the amazing group of women I have worked with at Heart for the Game, but I have also been able to incorporate my love of a fashion into my writing each week. This internship has helped me grow as a writer and I am so appreciative to Heart for the Game for giving the opportunity to write for them weekly.”

-Breana Intlekofer, Fashion Reporting Intern Spring 2015

Jenna Kline is a sophomore majoring in public relations at the University of Jenna KlineFlorida, with an outside concentration in business. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing basketball, hanging out with her Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority sisters, cheering on the Gators, and being a dedicated Miami Heat fan. She has a passion for sports, writing and social media. “I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to hear the unique stories that these coaches’ wives have to share while sharpening my reporting and writing skills.”

-Jenna Kline, Reporting Campus Ambassador Spring 2015

Courtney Lovern Avatar“My time with Heart For The Game has been unlike any other experience I’ve had in my life. Contacting coaches wives and figuring out their stories has provided me with a behind the scenes look at sports that I had never considered before now. I have formed relationships and bonds with these women as if they were my close, personal friends. Being able to talk to them about anything from sports to fashion to faith has made this internship unique. I now have ties to places, such as Florida, Michigan, and USC, which I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

-Courtney Lovern, Reporting Campus Ambassador Spring 2015

Fall 2014


Carly Breitbart Intern Recognition“Working with Heart for the Game has allowed me to develop my skills in an exciting environment based off of a unique perspective. I have learned so much about both college football and the mechanics of an online news source tailored to football fans. Based on my experience with HFTG, there’s nowhere to go but up!” Follow her on twitter:@the_breit_side

-Carly Breitbart, Reporting Campus Ambassador Fall 2014 &  Spring 2015

Joe Capraro Intern RecognitionJoe is a second-year Master’s student in Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and is focusing on photo and video production after previous lives in broadcasting, computer software design, and as a restaurant owner. Joe has been around college football all his life in various capacities — as the young son of a college coach, a player at Division III Swarthmore, and a radio broadcaster for the UMass-Amherst team among them. He has lived in ten different states and may be headed for an eleventh upon graduating this coming May. He lives in Austin with his perfect yellow Labrador, Yogi. “I had an unbelievably great time interning for Heart for the Game. We had a lot of creative freedom and the opportunity to get published regularly, and I was able to work on a lot of really fun stories. Marsa, Kate, and the rest of the editorial staff were wonderful and an absolute delight to work with, and I learned a lot of new things about my university because of my work for HFTG!”

-Joe Capraro, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014

HFTG Recognition Page, Christina Dris

Christina is a second-year public relations student at the University of Florida. She hopes to someday work in entertainment or sports communications. “Working with Heart For The Game, for two semesters now, has continued to allow me to grow personally and professionally. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work in a creative and fun environment, with peers who influence me to do my best work. I can’t thank Heart For The Game enough for all it has done for me in this past year.””

-Christina Dris, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Meredith Recognition Page

Meredith Garcia-Painter grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating high school, she went on to attend John Carroll University. During her time there she worked as the Personnel Director for the WJCU radio station. After graduating in 2012, she went on to work with Teach for America for two years. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Film Studies. “The best part of the program was being able to watch the writers develop over the season.”

-Meredith Garcia-Painter, Managing Editor Intern, Fall 2014

Hailey Gerhard Intern RegnitionHailey Gerhard is a passionate Gator, sports enthusiast, and small town girl that thrives with the love and support of her family and friends. Some of her favorite places include home, the Swamp, and any Southern town she stumbles upon. She is currently a public relations and agricultural communication junior at the University of Florida, and looking forward to future opportunities that her education, experience, and hard work will bring. “HFTG has been such a special experience for me, both personally and professionally. This organization has allowed me to network with some of the most welcoming and admirable ladies of college football. HFTG gave me opportunities to capitalize upon my skills and gain new valuable experiences.” Check out her blog here!

-Hailey Gerhard, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Abby Hackmann Intern RecognitionAbby Hackmann is a student at Colorado State University. She is majoring in journalism with a concentration in communications and psychology. She has a passion for reporting and hopes to one day write for a news outlet similar to VICE that shares the current realities of the world. “My experience working with Heart For The Game has been a blast to say the least. I have learned a lot about CSU football and all the people involved.” Follow her on twitter: @abbyhackmann

-Abby Hackmann, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014


Kate Kitts is a proud Michigan State University alumna. She received her B.A. in Economics in 2012 and currently works as the Coordinator for Corps Member Onboarding and Events for Teach for America-Metro Atlanta. She enjoys reading and writing, and has a passion for punctuation and all things grammar. “I truly enjoyed working at Heart For The Game this semester, and really enjoyed forming close relationships with HFTG partners and fellow interns. HFTG is truly a place to thrive and be creative! The level of ownership that we were allowed to have over our work made things very meaningful for me.”

-Kate Kitts, Managing Editor Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Kristina Orrego Intern RecognitionKristina Orrego is a senior majoring in journalism at the University of Florida, with an outside concentration of anthropology. Some of her journalistic achievements so far have included contributing to The Independent Florida Alligator and The Gainesville Sun newspapers.After she graduates, she intends to continue pursuing several internships that will strengthen her writing and reporting skills. She envisions herself ending up in anything from a newspaper with a strong online media presence to a magazine. She is mostly passionate about writing about fascinating people and important issues that directly impact their everyday lives. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking and watching movies. “Heart for the Game has allowed me to appreciate college football in a way that I never have before!” Check out her blog here.

-Kristina Orrego, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014

Halle Pease Intern Recognition

“Working with Heart For The Game has been the experience of a lifetime. I have grown up in the world of college football, and HFTG has allowed me to broaden my understanding of the football community. The pounding of my heart and the rush of adrenaline as the timer on the scoreboard counts down will never get old. The Heart For The Game family is outstanding, and I love the experiences I gain with them!” Follow her on twitter: @hallepease

-Halle Pease, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Cayden Royce Intern Recognition

Cayden Royce is a journalism junior at Michigan State University. She is pursuing a career in broadcasting and enjoys photography and editorial writing. In her spare time, she loves to shop, experiment with fashion and makeup and root for the Spartans at athletic events. “I’m grateful for the opportunity I was given to share the unique and heartfelt stories of devoted alumni, students, and faculty at MSU whom are involved with college football. I’ve gained valuable blogging experience and met invaluable sources throughout the semester. Go Green!”

-Cayden Royce, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014

arielle roth intern recognitionArielle Roth is a second year Telecommunications News major at the University of Florida. Arielle loves anything that has to do with sports, but can’t deny that’s it’s all about the SEC. She hopes to be a sports broadcaster for ESPN in the future. “Interning for “Heart for the Game” has been an absolute pleasure and such an amazing experience. I loved doing anything from editing pictures to editing stories and I couldn’t be happier with this program.”

-Arielle Roth, Reporting Campus Ambassador, Fall 2014  & Spring 2015


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