He Knows No Stranger

Karmen Mills & Husband Large

No matter how busy the day might be, Coach Mills stops frequently throughout his walks on campus. The conversation follows him and it has become something he is known for- no one is off limits.

“He just talks to everyone and is really friendly and very personable, just kind of himself,” Karmen Mills, the wife of Jeff says.

Coach Mills was a broadcast communication student in college. A study that is only fitting for a man whose career revolves around communication, and whose personal attributes reflect the profession he has enveloped himself in.

“It certainly has helped him in his profession because you do a lot of speaking, well actually no let me rephrase that, you do a lot of yelling,” Karmen jokes.

Karmen describes Coach as articulate and says he could become a broadcaster once his football career is over.

He has become known for interacting with everyone around him, it is a part of who he is as a person. And as Karmen puts it, “he knows no stranger.”

His charismatic nature has allowed him to build many relationships in the college football world and they are absolutely invaluable to him.

The bonds he has built with his staff and his players follow him from destination to destination and he finds the utmost joy in helping others find work.

“He has helped so many people, so many coaches find jobs,” Karmen notes. And now that Jeff is taking the reigns of his first head coaching at New Mexico Highlands, he has made sure to give opportunities to those closest to him. He has ex-players joining as volunteers and graduate assistants to assist in their coaching careers.

The players that play for Jeff Mills have always been drawn to his approachable, down-to-earth demeanor and openness for others, and now that spirit will lead a locker room of his own this season at New Mexico Highlands.


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