It’s Not That Fun Being Home For Christmas

Michigan State, Large, Rose Bowl

“Post Season Play’ is the dream for all coaching families.  It is a bonus trip with the team and an unbelievable experience with the dedicated fans.

Michigan State’s Terri Bollman, wife of Co-Offensive Coordinator, Jim Bollman talks with Heart For The Game:

Many bowl games are played during the busiest holiday season of the year. How do you incorporate football into your family holiday traditions?  “My husband is in his 38th year of coaching and we hope every year that bowl games will interfere with the holiday of Christmas.  We have had years that we have stayed home but after 2-3 days of watching the games on T.V., it isn’t good.  We love going to bowl games during the Christmas holiday season.  When the kids were young we would bring a tree, pack the presents and celebrate it there.  As they have gotten older, we do Christmas first and then travel.”

What is your idea of perfect happiness?  “Spending time with my husband and family.  Bowl games are a great example, the kids are all together, it is all about being together.  Being parents totally humbles us.  We realize how short life is and are able to set our priorities.”

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