The Freezes “Win the Day” Attitude Permeates To Football At Ole Miss

Jill Freeze - Ole Miss

A life motto for the Freezes stretches beyond their family to the football coaching community at Ole Miss

Jill Freeze, wife of Head Coach Hugh Freeze, absolutely loves football season and wouldn’t trade being married to the coach for anything! The Freezes have adopted a “Win the day” attitude that resonates throughout their entire football program at Ole Miss.

“Hugh’s motto is ‘Win the day,’” Jill shared. “He says it is not about the big things, rather, are you doing all the little things right? Win that day and you will have a winning life.” Jill has taken her husband’s philosophy and fashioned it in a way that resonates in her life. “My motto is, ‘Have a GREAT day.’ The letters in GREAT stand for: Goals, Roles, Effort, Actions/Attitude and Thankfulness. I ask myself if I am doing the things I need to do so I play the role I am supposed to play, am I giving maximum effort, are my actions/attitude right, and am I being thankful enough to make this day great? I am going to choose to make this day great. If I do those things, I will have a great day. I often hear people say, ‘Have a great day!’ and now it reminds me of what actions I should be taking to make my day GREAT!”

Taking things a step further, the Freezes have created a Commitment Ceremony for the coaching families at Ole Miss. “We have this ceremony for the coaches, their families, and the players. It is a commitment that we are ‘all in’ and each of us will do our part in committing to do whatever we can to help each other,” shared Jill.

Some examples of the type of things we might do as coaches wives are commit to supporting the team, not talking negative about players, coaches, administration, or wives, doing all that we can do to help and not tear down, to help each other, and to be positive and not negative. The Freezes ask individuals to be honest and only commit to what they feel they can do to the best of their ability.

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