Football Runs In The Family

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The Scott family having a fun time on the beach!

The life of a football family can be unpredictable. A coach can have a job at a university one season, and be hired at another the next. Kelsey Petrino Scott knows the difficulties that come with being a part of a coaching family.

As the daughter of Bobby Petrino, head coach at the University of Louisville, Kelsey described her childhood as “a little crazy.” Little did she know, the lifestyle would continue as she married L.D. Scott, defensive line coach and member of Bobby Petrino’s coaching staff at Louisville.

Kelsey met her future husband as a student at the University of Louisville. Her dad was coaching L.D. at the time, and they shared what she called “a little bit of a forbidden romance.”

Prior to settling in Louisville, Kelsey frequently moved with her family as a child, following her father’s job.

“I hated it,” she explained. “Because of it I’m really good at making friends but keeping them has kind of been a challenge for me. But being in Louisville for a long time is helping me get past it.”

Now, as a coach’s wife and mother of two, Kelsey reflects on the aspects that made her childhood so different. She uses those experiences to strengthen her own family.

“If I could go back I would’ve like to push more toward the relationship with my family,” Kelsey told HFTG. “Today we’re real strong. And I’d say, don’t focus so much on the negatives. Think more about the positives. Think about the experiences that you’re gaining.”

Luckily, Kelsey isn’t moving as much these days, as she has her husband and father in the same location. Kelsey laughed, as she explained the difficulty of separating her home life from the coaching world.

“I’ve had to talk to my dad about that it’s awkward for me to be involved. You guys have your work relationship. Leave me out of it!”

Ultimately, the game of football has brought the Petrino-Scott families even closer together. Football is a game that Kelsey can’t escape; it runs in her family.

Kelsey is now the executive director for the Petrino Foundation, which works to benefit the Kosair Children’s Hospital.

“That’s definitely one of the positives of being a coach’s kid and a coach’s wife is the opportunity to get involved with the community – to give back.”

Note: Congratulations to the Scott Family. Kelsey recently gave birth to their third child and second boy.

Heart For The Game thanks Kelly Buh for conducting this interview.




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