Five Things To Know About Melinda Wolford

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Melinda Wolford is hardly the typical coach’s wife. While her husband Eric keeps busy as the offensive line coach for the San Francisco 49ers, Melinda enjoys keeping just as busy as a school psychologist, college professor, and as a board member on the foundation she founded in honor of her son.

There aren’t too many other people like Melinda– she’s driven to serve both her family and her community– and she’s undoubtedly worth getting to know. So, here are five incredible facts to introduce you to Melinda Wolford.

1. She has a PhD in School Psychology with a specialty in Neuropsychology.

Melinda has made a career of working with students and improving the lives of young people. It all stems from her academic studies and her doctorate degree. Melinda enjoyed enough success as a school psychologist and college professor that she founded a master’s program in school psychology at Youngstown State (where her husband previously coached).

 2. Service and faith are hugely important to Melinda.

Melinda is all about helping others through honorable service. When asked how big a role her faith and her service play in her daily life, she said that that’s all her life is.

“I think that’s what I’m about, that’s who I am.”

3. Melinda grew up in a missionary family in Kenya.

The eldest of seven children, Melinda grew up in a missionary family whose home had no running water or electricity. She helped raise her siblings while growing up in a household that emphasized faith and service. Melinda credits her childhood as a big reason why she and her siblings have pursued careers helping others.

4. She helped found and organize the No Stone Unturned Foundation.

In honor of her son, Melinda and her husband started a foundation in the hopes of improving the quality of life for children with developmental disorders and their families. Over the past seven years, the foundation’s activities have transformed from an annual golf tournament into a large-scale facility helping 300 families in the Manhattan, Kansas area. The foundation has even expanded to help families treat mental health ailments.

5. She loves to meet new people.

It’s her favorite part of being a coach’s wife. Being able to move from place to place means that she is constantly meeting new faces, getting to know new people and making new memories. She said she feels bad for those who don’t enjoy getting to know those around them.

Comments (2)

  • Tremendous respect for them while being around them at Illinois!!

  • Terri Crabbs says:

    So happy that the family is doing well on the West Coast. I met Melinda and Coach through Children’s Rehabilitation Center when I served as president of the board of trustees. I have never met more caring individuals! Best wishes. I enjoyed reading your heartfelt story! Sending love from the Buckeye State and Mahoning Valley where your presence is truly missed!


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