Five Things You Don’t Know About Coach Tyson Helton

April Helton, 616x425, Family Photo

Coach Tyson Helton on the WKU field with his kids!

While the game of football brings great responsibility to a coach and their family, there’s usually more to them than meets the eye. Being a coach’s wife also means often having a busy schedule. April Helton, wife of Tyson Helton, offensive coordinator at Western Kentucky University, knows what that’s like; she’s also a mom to four kids!

April gave us the opportunity to learn more about her family, aside from the game and busyness of a coach’s life. Here is a behind-the-scenes insight on Coach Helton, with five things you don’t know about him!

Coach Tyson Helton

1. He’s from a coaching family. Coach Helton’s dad and brother are both football coaches. April explained that because of the family connection, “he always knew what he wanted to do!” April has a sister-in-law as well as a mother-in-law who understand exactly what it’s like to be in her shoes.

2. He’s a great dancer! April told us, “We love to go country dancing (2-steppin) but the kids love to see him moonwalk.” But the best part is when he was a kid he loved Michael Jackson. For Christmas, his fifth grade year, he received a boom box and the entire Michael Jackson attire; beret, gloves, red jacket and the rest.

3.  His first love (other than his wife and kids) is fishing. April says this comes even before football!  “We do a lot of fishing down in the Everglades in FL for snook, redfish & trout. We take the kids bass fishing any chance we get during the school year.”

4. He loves music. April added, “Especially country music! We both do and we love to go to concerts!” In fact, their first date was to an Alan Jackson concert in Houston. Tyson even cooked April dinner before, and now they’ve been married for 14 years!

5. He’s not only a great husband, but also a great dad! “From the moment our kids entered this world,” April told us. “He’s always been very hands on with everything.”




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