Family, Faith, and a Great Barbecue!

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Family and faith play an important role in the life of the Smith family, plus a great barbeque by Coach Jonathan Smith! Candice Smith, wife of University of Washington offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Jonathan Smith, says that her idea of perfect happiness is spending time with her family.

Mom to three children, Robert, Bella and Charles, Candice explains, “It just feels right when we’re all together.” Faith has also been significant for Candice and Coach Smith. She notes their relationship with not only each other, but also God, helped to build the foundation of their marriage.

However, it sometimes can be difficult to see past a coach’s game face, so Candice gives us an exclusive insight on her husband. Here are the top five things nobody knows about Coach Jonathan Smith!

1. He is a family man. Spends his time focusing on others.

2. He is reserved. He doesn’t need to be the center of attention and is comfortable within himself to let others be in the spotlight.

3. Avid reader. He is a lifelong learner. The books on his nightstand are on parenting, football, marriage and of course the Bible. He developed a love a reading in college. Being around such a variety of different people and their book recommendations opened him up to new things.

4. Loves going to concerts.

5. Great on the barbeque! He even made dinner on their first date. His kids say his best dishes are ribs and chicken legs!

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