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Jen Bielema Arkansas wedding medium

Jen and Bret Bielema on their wedding day in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

Heart For The Game receives the insider perspective about the transitions that take place for a wife new to the coach’s wife role, whether it is from the community or herself.

Jen Bielema, wife of University of Arkansas Head Coach, Bret Bielema, tells Heart For The Game what it is like to be married to Coach Bret Bielema and new to the Fayetteville community.

Jen is only three years into the role of being a coach’s wife, and has sought advice on the transition to the role and it’s expectations. Jen told us, “I feel there are expectations of me but with that I think it is important to stay true to myself.” Jen has become aware of the hardships and great times that come with the job, “I also need to understand the reality of my husband’s career, and it can be a roller coaster.”

We asked Jen what the best part is about being married to a football coach. She told us, “It is really exciting when Bret and I can share in all the special moments throughout the season. The big victories, recruiting, Signing Day, and watching our recruits do their best!” They have gone through the ups and downs together and support each other through it all.

There are struggles and difficulties with becoming a coach’s wife. Jen mentioned that independence and an open mind is key to the role. Jen told us that with Bret being very busy all the time makes them take advantage of the time they have together. She said, “I still get butterflies when we get ready for date nights and I think that is pretty special!”

Jen is always looking on the bright side with her positive attitude and passion for the game. She is new to Fayetteville still, but has mastered the area. Jen told Heart For The Game, “The community here in Fayetteville, and all of Arkansas, has welcomed Bret and myself with open arms since day one. They have continued to support us through the ups and downs. Fayetteville is a beautiful town and we love it here!”

Jen and Coach Bret have bonded with the community, and they love that the community has accepted them so happily. They are looking forward to the Razorbacks achieving greatness the rest of the season and beyond.

Heart For The Game thanks Kelly Buh for conducting this interview with Jen Bielema.

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