CSU Coach Derek Frazier Makes An Investment In This Generation

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Coach Derek Frazier spending time with his daughter, Kate.

Taryn Frazier is very proud of her football coach/husband Derek. Not because he is committed to his job, although he is. Not because he is passionate about coaching, and believe me, he is. And it is certainly not because of all the time he spends watching film, but he does that regardless.

Taryn loves the fact that her husband cares about his players. She tells Heart For The Game, “He invests so much in his players. He works extremely hard to be a leader not only on the field, but also as a role model for them.”

Derek, the offensive line coach at Colorado State University, had a player who was the first generation in his family to go to college. He was also from a very rough neighborhood. This particular student-athlete struggled immensely with school. Derek started meeting with him on a daily basis to help with time management and to teach him how to plan his days. The student-athlete stepped up to the challenge. He learned to manage his time better, stay organized, and work efficiently.

A spark lit. He saw the value in what he was doing and how it would improve his future. Derek was engaged and unyielding in his encouragement. They worked alongside each other; this determined student-athlete and his dependable coach.

One of Coach Frazier’s proudest moments as a coach was when that player graduated from college. That story is one of Taryn’s favorite things about being a coach’s wife. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know the players. She explains to us that the opportunity to learn the different things about each of them is most endearing to her. Taryn says, “I love watching my daughter interact with the players. We also love to have them over for dinner.”

Their young daughter Kate can’t wait to go watch football practice. They always wait for the offensive line to be finished with practice. As Derek’s players leave the field, Kate gives them all “nuckles.” Then she jumps into her daddy’s arms so he can hold her. Kate always makes sure to steal his hat and wear his whistle, so she can blow it as loud as possible.

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