Connie Burns- Two Coaches In Our House

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Connie and Coach Burns posing for a picture. Connie is wearing her festive Crimson Tide brooch.

Connie Burns has also had experience in coaching. She, however, has acted as the coach of the Burns’ household, while her husband was off working hard to coach on the football field.

In spite of what can be a hectic football life, the Burnses have raised strong children.  When asked about her secret to parenting, Connie told Heart For The Game, “I don’t know that it is a secret, rather what any mom does naturally for her children.”

“My number one interest has always been my kids and I worked hard to ensure they were well adjusted.  I worked to not allow them to feel as though they were missing out on something because dad wasn’t there,” Connie tells us about raising her children in a natural way while her husband, Burton Burns, assistant coach at the University of Alabama, was busy with his job.

Connie passed along sage advice about parenting skills.  She shared that she would get feedback from her kids through joking with them and just being silly. Sometimes it is the best way to learn what is really going on.  In the Burns’ household, they would always joke about everything, including the difficult times with football.

“I dealt with things with humor and we made jokes about everything. Including dad’s craziness after a loss!” quipped Connie.  “I never allowed them to use his demeanor to define their lives and control the mood of our household. It was tough but I didn’t allow that. I let them get their cry out and that was it. They liked that and we talk about this all the time.”

Connie let Heart For The Game on the inside and shared this funny story.  “It was Christmastime and we lost in the playoffs. Imagine this. It is Mid-December by now and he is down and out because we have lost. Meanwhile I have to get on with Christmas. We have shopping to do and need to get a Christmas tree.  He (Coach Burton Burns) says, ‘I’ll get you your darn Christmas tree!’ Of course by now all the trees are gone and he brings home an overgrown tree. I tell him it is way too tall to fit in the house and so he takes it out on the front lawn and slaughter’s the tree! He is cursing the tree, calling it the name of the team we just lost too and everything in between! The kids ran inside and started yelling, ‘You should see what dad’s doing to the Christmas tree!’ I am 5’1 and he brings the tree back inside and it is shorter than me!”

With humor constantly around, everyone laughs and gets over tough times quickly in the Burns’ household.  Perhaps having two coaches under one roof isn’t such a bad idea.

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Heart For The Game thanks Kelly Buh for conducting this interview with Connie Burns.


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