Christi Nussmeier – A Well Kept Secret!

Christi Nussmeier

HFTG always likes hearing a well kept secret! Christi Nussmeier, wife of Doug Nussmeier, Offensive Coordinator, University of Michigan shares a secret most people do not know about the Nussmeiers.  “Most people do not know Doug and I actually met in New Orleans, Louisiana, when Doug was playing football for the New Orleans Saints and I was a cheerleader for the team. That’s when we officially started dating. It was top secret!” says Christi.

When you met he was a football player and you were a cheerleader.  What was it that clicked with the two of you when you met? What was it that made you think, ‘This is the guy?’  “I don’t know….,” Christi replies, “his blue eyes?” (laughs)  “We met and I had a gut feeling.  We kept running into each other and I had that gut feeling that there was more to this and I needed to find out what it was. I didn’t want to get kicked off the team over some player.  My attitude was I just needed to find out what this feeling was – why something kept pulling me to him.  I think you have to listen to your gut feelings.  I listened to mine and he pursued me more and I finally gave in and went on a date.  Six years later we were married.”

Christi adds, “Who would’ve thought 13 moves later we’d be on our way to Michigan.  Our daughter was born in Michigan…so it’s kind of cool to make a full circle and get her to embrace where she was born.”


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