Chantel Stoops: We Are Our Own Sorority

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The Stoops Family

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Chantel Stoops

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True Commitment

When we spoke with Chantel Stoops, wife of Coach Mark Stoops, University of Kentucky, she gave us her insider’s perspective as a college football coach’s wife. When asked her favorite thing about being married to the coach she replied, “Truly the people you meet and become friends with. It is so unique, we are our own sorority.”

Not many people truly understand what goes into coaching this sport. The family commitment is significant and your fellow coaches wives really make a difference in your life and, at times, it is very difficult for even your own family to understand what truly goes into this family business.

When their first son was an infant while they were coaching at Arizona, she was watching the game live on television. Chantel remembers speaking with her mother by telephone when her mother asked if that was Mark in the background. “No,” she said, “He is coaching the game!” She admits her family is much better now at understanding the time commitment.

“Some of my good friends have husbands who are gone all the time with their professions, but Mark is gone EVERY day from 7:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. during the season.” She recalled, “I remember one time when our son was young and went to bed early. Mark had not seen him for two weeks.  I picked up Mark and took him to lunch so he could see his son.” Now that’s commitment!


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