A Nurse Who Later Married Her Patient

Chantal Dawsey & Fam Large

Being a Nursing Supervisor, Chantal Dawsey, Florida State University, dealt with many unique patients.  On one particular day she filled in for a nurse, did a home visit which she normally did not do, and met the man who would eventually be her future husband!

How did you meet your husband?  “I was his nurse.  He was playing in the NFL and was hurt.  He required home health care to provide antibiotics for a month.  I was a supervisor at the time and did not go on home visits.  One particular day we could not find a nurse and since I only lived three miles away from this patient, they asked if I would mind going to give him his antibiotic therapy.  I said, ‘OK, but I don’t want to go, he is a football player.’ When I arrived, he thought that I was a reporter dressed in my suit.  I showed him my credentials to validate who I was, gave him my business card and administered his antibiotics.  Later when the other nurses where taking care of him he asked if the other nurses if I was single.  After his therapy was completed, he asked me out on a date.  I would not have met him under normal circumstances.  God meant for it to happen.  I was not into the bar scene and had said to God, ‘If you want me to find a person, he will have to just fall in my lap.’  He did just that.”

Your husband’s game day superstition:  “He wears a special watch on game day.”

Favorite thing about being a college football coach’s wife?  “I love the kids, the players.  I love the way they embrace me as my husband’s wife.  When they see me, they hug me.  I love to see them mature into quality players and individuals.”


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