Big Boys Don’t Wear Diapers

Nord Family large

The field was swarmed with players and fans after a big win for Coach Nord. Atop his shoulders sits his daughter Amy. It might have been the Peach Bowl when Coach was at East Carolina but Amy was too young to clearly remember.

“It was that kind of moment that they’d done really well and they let me feel a part of that,” Amy said. “I won’t ever forget that.”

Coach Nord has stayed local for the majority of his career. He began coaching at the University of Kentucky, moved to East Carolina, Georgia Tech, and then the University of Louisville to bring the family back to Kentucky.

This was the ultimate goal in order to allow his children to finish high school, find significant others, and be able to settle in his hometown. Family always came first and different coaching opportunities were turned down in order to keep the family from moving all over the country.

“He managed to figure out a way to make that work while still being a part of a successful program. And that’s something that I think goes to show his loyalty and the way he puts family first and the things that he values,” Amy said.

And when Coach Nord isn’t on the field, his time is consumed by family. From fishing, to building turtle habitats, his young grandchildren are already becoming a reflection of the man he is. One grandchild, Luke, was potty trained at football practice when Coach Nord requested his players tell Luke “big boys don’t wear diapers.”

Off of the field or on it, Coach Nord always has his family near. This is a characteristic that is cherished by the Nords and the players who are fortunate to play for him.

“He is an unbelievable father. I can only hope to be a third of the parent he has been to me. And with raising boys it would be my goal and hope for them that they can turn out to be half the man that he is and I will have considered myself to have done a pretty good job.”


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