When You Become A Mother…

dino & Susan Babers

Parenting is not an easy job; in fact, many would say that it’s the hardest job in the world that never really ends. Many women have full time jobs prior to having children, and have plans to return to the workforce after their child is old enough to go to day care, but find themselves quite troubled at the idea of leaving their child in someone else’s hands for the day. Because of this, a great deal of mothers decide to quit their job and assume the roll of a full-time mom after having children; something that is not very easy to do.

Susan Babers, wife of the head coach of the Bowling Green State University Football team, was in this same boat after having children. Susan was the assistant volleyball coach at Northern Arizona before having children, however, life got a little tricky, as volleyball season was the exact opposite of football season. She wound up being on the road when her husband, Dino Babers, was at home, and vice versa. Susan got pregnant before the volleyball season was over though, and she explained, “… I kind of just knew I couldn’t be on the road that way and actually have a relationship. And once kids came I didn’t want strangers raising my kids so we decided it were best for me to stay home.”

Even though Susan had to give up her career in volleyball to be a full time mom and support her husband’s career in football, she has still been able to enjoy the sport through her daughters. On the subject of raising stud athlete volleyball players, she stated, “One is a stud athlete playing volleyball at Texam A&M. The other that was our natural stud athlete decided to stop playing sports after her junior year in high school but she was easily a division one athlete. She’s going on mission trips and following Jesus, which is great. Our oldest one isn’t as interested in athletics. She’s more into books. She just graduated Summa Cum Laude. The youngest one likes to play volleyball – and she’s good but she’s decided she doesn’t want to play sports in college.”

It seems that even though Susan decided to let go of coaching volleyball to be an amazing mother to her four beautiful daughters, she was still able to enjoy the sport through her daughters’ love for it. When you become a mother, everything changes. But being a mother isn’t about what you gave up to have a child; instead, it’s what you’ve gained from having one. In Susan’s case, she’s gained a very talented family full of life, love and football, and four daughters she is able to share her wisdom with, not only about life, but about volleyball as well. In the words of Lin Yutang, “Of all the rights to women, the greatest is to be a mother.”


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