A Little Home Cooking From Kate Dykes


Get a Heart For The Game Cookie Recipe to rock your next tailgate!

Heart For The Game enjoyed talking with Kate Dykes, wife of Sonny Dykes, Head Coach at the University of California – Berkeley. Kate’s grandfather, father and brother were all football coaches. She wanted to be a sideline reporter but fell in love with none other than a football coach! The players become family with the Dykes, so Kate always includes a little home cooking!

“Our biggest passion is our players. They are more than just players to us; it is more of a family deal. We enjoy cooking for the players, having them around our family and kids; they are a part of our family. We also enjoy supporting the University. The students and players are important to us now and on Saturday. We take a lot of pride in this.

A special event we do with our players is ‘Cookie Night’ here.  Every Tuesday night we have ‘Cookie Night’ for our players. We have the team, scout team and video assistants. Tuesday night after the team breaks down, the players rush over to our table which is set up with bags of cookies. Sometimes the players even begin to search for certain cookies they have had before. It is nice because it gets all the families to the stadium Tuesday evening. Sometimes it looks like a daycare with young kids running everywhere. It is nice to have the players around the kids. It does mean something to these players; it’s the environment they love. We are all family.

The other thing I enjoy doing is dinner during the season every week if we win. After a win, I cook for a different position depending on whatever position practiced or played the most. My husband will choose which position is invited and sometimes they even fight over it. They are told Wednesday night after practice. I make chicken spaghetti and have a great green bean recipe. I also have a dessert which I make in the fall which they really enjoy!”

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