Amy and Luke Fickell Are Diehard Buckeye Fans


Heart for the Game reaches behind the bench and talks with Amy Fickell, wife of Luke Fickell, Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach at Ohio State. The Fickells met as students at Ohio State and are now in their 13th season. Being around immediate family is a key reason why they have stayed, however, they too are diehard Buckeye fans. Seeing Luke make a difference on the football field is icing on the cake!

Do you have a motto you live by?

“We are very grounded in our faith. With all the ups and downs of football, we take everything in stride. We don’t dwell on anything; we try to remain even keel.”

Walk us through college football Saturday for you and your family:

“As our children become older their own activities also come into play. Our college football Saturday actually starts on Friday morning. We always go to Panera with dad and then he takes them to school. On Saturday, we do tailgate but not much. Sometimes I am a little nervous and I know my husband is waiting to play the game. We go into the stadium one hour ahead of time, watch warm-ups and then wait for Luke. He will come over and give the kids and I a big kiss prior to the game. I enjoy taking all four of our kids to the game; it is an experience for us all.”

Is there a unique way you interact with the team?

“We are always close with my husband’s players and get to have them over for an occasional meal. We used to attend practice but now that our kids are getting older that is more difficult. My kids love being around the players. When my oldest was in kindergarten and was making an invitation list for his birthday party, he included the linebackers. He said, ‘They are all my friends.’”

Was there ever a time or event in your life that changed you as a person?

“I would definitely say the birth of our twins who were born two months early. I was at the Fiesta Bowl, went into the hospital overnight and attended the game in a wheelchair the next day. After we got home, I had them early. Illness or someone’s life supersedes any job. It was a life changing event.”

Your game day rituals:

“Having the whole family meet my husband and get hugs and kisses before the game is one. I have to admit my favorite time of the day is our drive home when the game is over. It is quiet and just our little family together. We are blessed being from Ohio and having family around us. You can’t replace that.”

What is your passion:

“I have a lot of passions. I am a physical therapist by trade and after my oldest son was born I was able to stay home with the kids. My passion is my faith, which always comes first, my husband and children. I also enjoy working out and coffee!”

Favorite thing about college football:

“Having your husband do something he loves and is passionate about. You know this is going to make you a better person. It is great to know he is making a difference. I love when former players come back and enjoy seeing them have success. A lot of Ohio State players return to the area. It is a great city; you make it what you want it.”


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