Amber Carroll Gives Insight Into the Life Of A Football Coach’s Wife

Amber Carroll

Amber & Brennan Carroll & Family

Amber Carroll, wife of Brennan Carroll, Wide Receivers Coach and National Recruiting Coordinator, University of Miami, shares the key to her success as a wife of a football coach:  her mother-in-law, Glena Carroll.

Amber doesn’t really have one favorite thing about being a college football coach’s wife.  She did share with Heart for the Game,  “Knowing there is a larger community we are a part of, ‘The Football Community,’ is comforting.  I know other coaches’ wives can relate to what I am going through and I find they are a good support system for me.  You always have someone from the team to be there for you.  Everyone has been through the same thing and I feel quite fortunate.  My mother in law, Glena Carroll, is a great support system for me.  She often says, ‘You can do it Amber!’   She is a resource, a mentor, and a cheerleader.  My biggest support system.”

Glena Carroll has been a great advisor and sounding board for Amber, even before she made the decision to join the Carroll family.   “Before Brennan and I were married, his mother warned me about what I was getting into.  She explained the long hours so I felt prepared in that way.  I am now amazed at the amount of time they spend recruiting during the off-season and the amount of time they are on the phone! Sometimes I think, ‘Our livelihood depends on a 16- or 17-year-old?’  He does it because it is his job and he enjoys it.  We may be in the middle of a conversation and he has to take the call.  I have come to accept it, although it is surprising how much he is on the phone.  If you are just a regular fan, you wouldn’t know about all of those after-hour phone calls.”

As such, Amber tends to focus on her motto:  “We can get through it as a family as long as we are making the right decisions as a family.  Your husband wants to be with the family more but it is just a part of the profession.  What we all work for at the end of the day is for the betterment of the family.”  What is Coach Carroll doing when he is not coaching football? “Playing with our kids, for sure,” replied Amber.

As for any advice she would pass along to others in this profession and beyond, she said, “I would like to share how important it is for us as coaches’ wives and women in general to maintain the friendships you make.  It is also important to lean on people when you need to and realize that you also need support.  You must foster those relationships. It is work, but you must keep at it.”


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