Allison Nix Tells Us More About Her Husband

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Allison Nix, wife of Derrick Nix, running backs coach at Ole Miss, told Heart For The Game about her relationship in college with her husband and the parallels they share as mentors.

In college, Derrick Nix was a recording-setting running back for the University of Southern Mississippi. He was known as the Baby Bull for his ferocity when he carried the ball, yet he was just a stranger to his wife-to-be, Allison.

She first encountered him while he was walking through a hall at the university. She asked her roommate, who was a more experienced basketball player, who he was. “He wasn’t even playing,” she said. “I didn’t even know who he was.”

The reason Derrick wasn’t playing was due to a kidney problem that sidelined him for several games during his college career. Despite kidneys that weren’t functioning at full capacity, Nix said she enjoyed getting to see her husband take as many snaps as he did.

“Now looking back at it, it was awesome,” she proclaimed.

Nix said she credits her husband for having such a positive spirit during the time and not showing what he was going through. “He never wanted to show it or make others feel sorry for him or pity for him,” she said.

Despite never being able to turn pro, Nix said she believed he still had a chance at the time. “He’s not a quitter by any means,” she said.

Even though Allison teaches science and Derrick coaches football, she explained they both try to teach worldly knowledge that will improve the overall character of their pupils. “I think my students look up to me just as his players would look up to him,” she said.

When asked about the best part of being the wife of a coach, she said she enjoys seeing him smile. She explained he still keeps in touch with his former players and, that really shows he has an impact in their lives.


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